Why Airball?

It’s a complicated question, but it starts at the roots of why we love sports.

There are two main levers that make sports amazing: spectacle and context. Think of spectacle like Michael Jordan dunking from the free-throw line. An impressive, abnormal display of athletics that the normal person can’t achieve. They can’t do a windmill dunk, they can’t deliver a punch like Mike Tyson, they can’t run like Usain Bolt. People want to watch the freakshow.

But the other lever – context – is what drives the best sports stories. Context is Brett Favre throwing four touchdown passes after his dad passed away. The story is what’s impactful, not the display of athleticism. Context is how sports make a personal connection to you and your everyday life and how they make you feel.

If you ask someone their favorite sports story, they will tell you why before they tell you what. It’s not about what happened, but it’s about what that moment meant to them. The market is crowded with established sports that hang their hats on the biggest, strongest, fastest athletes. Airball won’t be that.

Our new sport will be fun to watch and fun to play without them.